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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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Business Office - LoB Manager
If you are Business Manager of a company, you are really concerned about managing the expenses of your organization.  You either pay directly for a technology investment or receive an allocation for it, and you are not entirely sure why it is all so expensive.  While there are projects that are done just for your business most of them are done for the entire company as a shared service, and you are certain that another line of business is specifying requirements that are driving up your total cost. You find communicating with the IT team difficult.  They keep referencing circuits and servers when all you really want to do is drive an outcome for your business. Finally, you see all sorts of new applications-as-a-service available instantaneously but your IT team says that it will take months for them to be able to deliver something similar to you.                    

BAIX Solutions for Business Managers                                                    
There are a variety of elements in the BAIX Framework designed to meet the needs of the Business Manager, and are found in several key areas.    
  Value Identification 
 - Value Discovery Protocol to correctly identify needs and discover new business opportunities to create value 
  - Transparent Financials linked to services consumed
  Service Definition and SLA Management                                     
  - Services targeted for how you do business
  - Easily consumed and transparent
  Operational Excellence                                   
 - Improved Availability
 - Business-specific SLA's  

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