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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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Executive Office - CEO
If you are the CEO of a company, you are concerned about the long-term strategy and vision in the company translated into your strategic plan.  You are concerned about your profitability and ability to stay competitive in an ever-changing economy.  From your perspective, technology is a support service just like HR and Supply Chain Management.  It needs to provide the right quality at the right price and speed.  You want to be able to maximize all three. Since IT is not your core business you may wonder if outsourcing should be evaluated.  Finally, you are likely not a technologist which means it is tough to know if the latest initiative proposed by the IT team is really required or just a new shiny toy with which they can play.  
BAIX Solutions for CEO's                 
The BAIX Business Value Management Framework was developed to answer the concerns of your Executive Office.  By aligning the business, technology and finance teams into one common process our customers are able to understand each of their IT investment decisions, including alternatives, and to find way to actually create new value.   Value-based decisions ensure that IT organization makes decisions that are aligned with the strategic plan of the company.  Furthermore, investments can be ranked and prioritized allowing only those that provide the largest overall value - right quality for the right price and at the right time - to be executed.  

Solutions like SLA Management make the outsource versus internal decision more clear.  Understanding SLA's and OLA's eases the transition to the cloud or an outsourced relationship if that is determined to be the right solution.
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