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Demand Management

The concept of demand management originally started as a supply chain management process but has quickly found its way into the world of Information Technology organizations as we attempt to manage the need for capacity in critical technology resources as well as manage the demands on our team.  ITIL closely links demand management to capacity management which focuses on ensuring that systems have capacity plans and are monitored for usage in order to ensure that there is available capacity when required.  

At Baix we take a much broader, more product-centric focus to demand management.

First, demand management is used to understand and manage the demand associated with resources, which is particularly important with people resources in an IT department.  Most organizations tend to approach workforce demand management on a project-by-project basis.  While the project emphasis helps to account for a portion of an individual's time, it does not account for all of the activities required to "Run the Business".  Our processes help you to understand and quantify all of the work being performed allowing you to truly forecast demand and provide end-users with an accurate SLA for delivery of a service.

Baix also extends the standard project-driven demand management approach by assisting our customers with influencing and driving demand.  Concepts like marketing plans, traditionally found only in the development of external products, are used extensively in the Baix Demand Management model in order to encourage the adoption of a technology service better aligned with the corporate strategy. 
Benefits of the Baix Demand Management Process:  
  Improved understanding of the true person capacity within an organization
  Ability to make time commitments to end-users with complete data
  Ability to forecast demand across entire staff enabling the creation of compelling staffing plans and career development discussions
  Clearly understand the market segments *inside* the company and ensure capacity in service offerings for differentiated needs 
  Technology changes are more readily embraced
  Ability not only to understand and forecast demand but to actually control it

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