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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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Nowhere is transformation more evident than in the healthcare industry where technology has the ability to dramatically enhance patient care as well as to reduce cost and drive productivity. From the challenge of effectively integrating and managing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to the possibility of Telemedicine and cloud-based computing, the healthcare industry is poised to undergo a radical transformation.

In addition the critical nature of patient care means that stability and reliability requirements are some of the highest of any of the industry sectors as is the need for information security, risk management and effective compliance and regulatory controls.
All of this means that the the IT organization in the healthcare sector must address the rapidly evolving landscape of technology usage by their industry while simultaneously being rigorous about the stability and level of control over their technology implementations.

The team at Baix has been privileged to serve the needs of the health care sector.  We have a deep understanding of the very unique challenges that the information technology teams face in this sector from cost controls to the daily challenge of ensuring that customer information is protected and that the organization remains compliant with a plethora of regulations.  We also recognize that there is an enormous opportunity to improve patient care and drive efficiency through the use of technology, and we think that we can help.
The Baix Framework has been specifically designed to handle the challenges of industries in transition.   Services that we offer to assist our customers in the financial sector include:
  Optical Networking including Dark Fiber installations for large metro areas
  Customer Collaboration technology and processes for advanced Customer Care
  Unified Communications and Collaboration including customized Collaboration solutions to enhance team member productivity
  Business Value Management practices to "Run IT as a Business" and drive optimization of existing services and innovation 

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