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Intrustion Detection/Prevention 
Intrusion Detection Systems monitor events that occur in either a single system or on a network to identify potential malicious activity or activity that is or could be violation of a standing security policy.  Intrusion Prevention Systems actively engage to prevent or stop the activity from occurring.  They are collectively referred to as IDPS and are frequently found coupled in the same solution although the implementation may differ based on the unique needs of each organization.   

IDPS Solutions
Deploying IDPS capability in your infrastructure helps to mitigate attacks against your computer systems or network that would result in compromise of a system or ward off attacks such as denial-of-service.  In addition companies may choose to use IDPS for other purposes such as ensuring compliance to security policies, etc.

Baix Corporation begins every IDPS professional services engagement with an analysis of the current environment in order to gain an understanding of the current network flows and application behaviors.  Once an assessment has been completed, the Baix team can provide design and implementation services as well as the development of the critical operating processes and procedures.
We provide solutions for the following categories of IDPS components:  
  Network-based IDPS
  Wireless IDPS
  Network Behavioral Analysis
  Host-based IDPS

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