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Information Security Policy Services
If you work with outside partners to provide a service using any form of technology there is a high likelihood that your partner has asked to see your Information Security posture.   Increasing regulation and the need for compliance, coupled with an ever growing number of sophisticated attacks, mean that Information Security is likely on the minds of your partner, your customer and your company.  All information security starts with a set of policies that establish the foundation of your information Security Program.  Your Information Security Policy is a formal document, approved by executive leadership, that outlines your companies goals, objectives and beliefs on major security topics as well as acceptable procedures.

Defining and Implementing Information Security Policies and Processes
The team members at Baix Corporation have extensive experience in heavily regulated organizations such as financial services institutions that also have a significant amount of confidential customer data to protect.  We are skilled at helping companies to quickly define and institute a set of information security policies and programs.  Doing this helps to minimize the risk to the organization, ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and allow your company to demonstrate to your customers and partners that there is a mature process in place for information security management.  
There are many different security topics on which your company must state its position.  A sample is listed below of major information security categories however each organization must define the categorization and content of the documents according to their own goals and objectives.  
  Acceptable Use
  Network Security 
  Authentication and Access Control
  Phone and Voicemail
  Mobile Device
  Awareness and Training

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