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Information Security Architecture, Strategy and Planning 
"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."  Yogi Berra

The Strategy and Planning process is frequently overlooked and yet is one of the most critical tasks performed for efficient, value-based IT infrastructures.  In the rush to take care of the immediate threats from changing in compliance to new vulnerabilities, we often skip this vital step in the process.  Failure to do so means that the investment being made may not serve the needs of the organization in the long run which could result in costly upgrades or even the need to "forklift" an existing installation.  

A good strategy and plan allows you to chart a course that has been defined by the specific needs of your organization.  It also ensures that investments are made in a "directionally-correct" fashion.  This means that each element purchased has a place in the plan and a knowledge that it moves you closer to your ultimate goal.  Without a plan the investment made in a specific technology may not help to accomplish that final state increasing the total cost in dollars, time and man-hours to move to your organization's desired state.  
Information Security Strategies   
Establishing a strategy and plan for Information Security involves the following major steps:
  Current State Assessment 
  Definition and Consensus on Target State
  Gap Analysis from Current State
  Develop Options to remediate gaps
  Align Options to Business, Weight and Prioritize
  Produce Information Security Multi-year Roadmap, Portfolio and Budget

Information Security Architecture   
The Baix Corporation Information Security Architecture professional services offering is a multi-level approach that defines and documents from the high-level conceptual view down to the physical configuration of each major technical element.  We following a standard, repeatable process for all of our architectural documentation which provides the best possible foundation for each technology and ensures a common understanding of the environment from business to engineering and operations team members. 

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