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Remote Access and VPN Solutions
Today's users expect to be able to remain productive regardless of their location.  They also want the ability to be able to do this on an increasingly diverse set of devices from corporate-managed laptops to personal computers and a plethora of mobile devices from tablets to smartphones.  Increasingly the user may not be accessing data from inside the corporate network but from the Starbuck's down the street!  Our highly mobile, always-on workforce is placing extraordinary demands on our IT teams to provide a reliable, secure method for users to access critical corproate data and applications.  IT departments must balance the need to meet regulatory requirements such as PCI or HIPAA and the security requirements of the corporation with the access, mobility and connectivity needs of each individual user.  
Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Access  
Developing a remote access solution that accommodates the changing worker environment is more than just VPN connections and Citrix sessions.  Applications that function well on desktops running on internal networks may no longer perform as expected.  Security needs such as patching, virus and IDPS software, data protection, etc. need to be addressed.  Operational processes for a device that may never connect to a corporate location must be developed.   
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