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Managing Organizational Change
"Your success in life isn't based on your ability to simply change.   It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business". - Mark Sanborn

One would assume, with the rapid change of technology, that change is easier for Information Technology professionals than it is for other types of workers.  The reality is that change in the work that someone performs is difficult regardless of who you are.  The reality is that we want our team members to be really good at their current jobs - and being really good at something sets up a natural resistance to changing.  Asking for change brings along with it the fear that I might not be as good in the new environment as I am in the old.    

Organizational change in technology organizations is also fraught with the same political and cultural overtones that live in every organization.  Managers worry about losing power and being marginalized in the new organization.  There is no one right way to guide an organization through a transformation nor is there one right organizational structure.  The design of the organization is influenced by market, customers, culture, business strategy and the current environment.  For that reason each organization change initiative must be approached with fresh eyes to ensure that all involved have the ability to be successful at the end of the process.
There are many different approaches to change although each model contains very similar characteristics.  Baix maintains multiple change methodologies in our tool kit, the most popular of which is quite likely Kotter's Eight Steps to Change listed below:
Kotter's Eight Steps to Change  
  Create a sense of urgency
  Form a guiding coalition 
  Create a vision
  Communicate the vision
  Empower others to act on the vision
  Create quick wins
  Build on the change 
  Institutionalize the change

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