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 Network Strategy and Planning 

"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."  Yogi Berra

The key to all great buildings is a great foundation, one that has been planned for the use of today and the shifting ground of tomorrow.  Not all buildings require the same foundation - some are small and inexpensive while others are more complicated and dig deeper in order to bear the weight of their building.  Similarly, your network is the foundation of your corporation's technology investment and laying a great foundation enables a corporation to build the technology required today and still be able to manage the shifting requirements of tomorrow. 

It also ensures that the appropriate foundation is built quickly and cost-effective where warranted, deep and resilient where needed.  At the heart of a great network foundation are the activities of Network Architecture, Strategy and Planning  
Network Strategy and Planning  
The efforts of strategy and planning are often overlooked in the rush to complete current projects and tactical "burning" initiatives.   The challenge is that the network that you install today has to meet the needs of the organization for years to come.  Planned incorrectly and the network will be unable to fulfill the needs of the business, leaving them frustrated about the inability of the network to perform the tasks they desire.  Planned correctly the network will meet their needs in their current state and will have planned its evolution as the business continues to evolve.  

In addition, the lack of a good plan may end up costing the company more over time due to a variety of factors.  Failure to plan correctly may lead to a "forklift" upgrade in order to correctly align to business requirements that might have been easy to predict.   Failure to produce a strategy or plan may also show up in the form of a standardized refresh mentality where equipment gets refreshed on a time basis regardless of future business need or any risk evaluation. While this approach ensures that the network remains current, it may not be the most cost-effective plan. 

The Baix Strategy and Planning approach uses a combination of factors that change over time coupled with a risk overlay to determine when elements should be addressed in the future, and in what way they should be addressed.  By doing this your business is able to get a multi-year view of upcoming investments as well as an understanding of the project and change that will take place inside of your corporation.  A well-executed Network Strategy and Plan provides you with a roadmap to the future, showing each evolutionary step along the way and helps to inform your company of expected investments well in advance.  The budget process, usually a scramble once a year and frequently little more than a guess, becomes informed and constantly current.
Network Architecture  
Network Architectures define the functions and components of the complete network system, from how you and your applications communicate inside of your company to the mechanisms used to communicate to your customers, business partners and associates.   The Network Architectures developed by the Baix team are multi-level in order to provide the most complete picture of the intended functions, usability and configuration of the network.  From conceptual model translating business requirements to services and functions, to physical design and layout, the Network Architecture sets the standard and provides the foundation for all other network infrastructure work that comes behind it.  
Baix works in partnership with your team to develop your Network Strategic Plans and Architectures and follows the high-level process steps listed below:  
  Current State Assessment 
  Definition and Consensus on Target State 
  Gap Analysis from Current State
  Develop Options to remediate gaps
  Align Options to Business, Weight and Prioritize
  Produce Network Infrastructure Multi-year Roadmap, Portfolio and Budget

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