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Most enterprise organizations that venture into the optical space are generally doing so for the first time and with the goal of adding scalability and increased bandwidth in a cost effective manner. One of the largest challenges that we see in our enterprise customers is a difficulty in designing and support the optical implementation. While optical provides significant benefits to the right enterprise, it is generally a technology in which your network engineers and operations teams have limited experience.  

The team at Baix is uniquely qualified to to delivery Optical-as-a-Services (OaaS) to your company.  We have combined extensive enterprise routing experience with equally extensive telecommunications experience to be able to understand both sides of the service.   Our Oaas allows your enterprise to gain all of the benefits of an enterprise optical implementation without having to worry about the personnel investment required to get your team ready or to keep them ready when events occur.  We work in collaboration with your team to ensure that the optical infrastructure integrates properly with your network and follows your standard processes and procedures for change controls, incident and problem management, etc.      
OaaS provides the following key elements:      
  Strategic Planning                                     
  Architecture and Design Services                                     
  Build and Implementation including management of fiber optic provider                                     
  Power Services as needed                                      
 Operate including monitoring in NOC, patch and other maintenance, change and incident management                                     

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