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Optical Metro DWDM

Get Higher Speeds with DWDM    

Extremely demanding enterprise networking solutions can use Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (DWDM) platforms. These deliver high-speed Ethernet connectivity and carrier interconnect, in addition to managed Storage Area Network (SAN) extension services.  

DWDM typically supports all point-to-point and ring topologies, along with a variety of transmission distances. Transparent and protocol-independent, DWDM can carry SONET, SDH, storage protocols, data, and video. 
Using DWDM, multiple signals can be transmitted simultaneously on one optical fiber, with each signal on a different wavelength. This allows multiple traffic types to be aggregated on to a single wavelength and transmitted over long distances uninterrupted, to deliver different types of services.
Baix can deliver the following service offerings for Optical DWDM:                 
  Strategic Planning 
  Architecture and Design
  Build, Implementation and Turn-up 
  Monitor, Maintain and Operate 


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