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Organization Design and Maturity
"Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"  Henry Ford

Our Organization Design and Maturity practice focuses on the unique dynamics of today's Information Technology teams and works to ensure that the organization structure is optimized to deliver the correct products, services and outcomes as needed by the business, and to further ensure that each group within the organization is performing at their optimum level.

Organization Design and Maturity is a critical focus as the information technology that is provided to your business partners is only as good as the team that provides it.  The very nature of managing Information Technology lends itself to "groups of heroes" rather than teams.  IT professionals learn that being able to fix problems quickly is the key to reward.  The fix to an issue is frequently an individual action and kudos abound for the person who figured it out.  

The intrinsic reward built into the career path of IT professionals frequently makes it difficult to function as a high-performing team.  Even more challenging is the movement of a great IT engineer into a management role where the goal must be finding ways to get the collective team to all produce, quite likely the anti-thesis of the goals the new manager previously held.  
Organization Design  
IT teams tend to focus on the technology itself and frequently suffer from organizational structures based on technology solutions rather than process, service, or outcome-based..  Complicating matters even more is the rapidly evolving state of Infrastructure Technology.  The silos that kept technology very compartmentalized into neat functions such as network, server, storage, email, etc are rapidly dissolving.  Common technical platforms now house a combination of many of the infrastructure elements and many teams face a lack of clarity on roles in the new world.

Finally changes in the economy quite likely mean that your organization has changed as well.  We have down-sized, right-sized, merged, been acquired and a whole plethora of other changes.  Finding the right organizational structure is unique to each company and is a combination of its business strategy, culture, politics and people.  The organizational structure that fits one company will not work in another.  We work with each of our customers to determine the right outcome based on the unique dynamics of your company.    
Organizational Maturity Model Overview  
The Baix Organization Maturity models focus on the steps needed to improve the management capability of your IT organization.  Improving the management capability of your organization will increase employee engagement, drive overall efficiency, improve quality and build more effective leaders and managers to support a high performance culture.  
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