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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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Performance Management and Alignment  
Realizing IT Value    
While creating a Business and IT Strategic Plan is complex, the much tougher challenge is determining if the day-to-day execution is actually satisfying the strategic direction.  Many IT organizations develop business cases to justify an IT investment but few organizations have the processes in place to determine if the investment actually produced the intended value.   Without the adequate focus on measuring performance after implementation there may be a lack of clarity on the veracity of any IT Business Case.  Complicating matters even further is the need to measure success in terms of business outcomes, the only true form of value created in any company.

A statistic reported in the Val-IT 2.0 documentation underscores how large this problem may be.  They report that a survey on measuring costs and value found that, in many enterprises, less than 8 percent of the IT budget is actually spent on initiatives that bring value to the enterprise.  

The goal of Valued-Based IT Metrics and Reporting is to show that IT provides "value for the business" rather than "value for the money" including an increasing ability to deliver new business value creation from the IT team.  We do this by helping our customers to develop processes that examine the following major categories of business and IT performance:
  Financial Performance  
  -  Link the cost of IT operations to the quality and volume of a service   
  -  Use unit costs and standard performance metrics to compare their service with those of other units or enterprises in an apple-to-apples fashion    
  Operational Performance  
  -  Report on IT's operational performance in terms of essential services and outcomes that are visible and meaningful to the rest of the business  
  Internal Customer   
  People and Organization  
  Key Programs/Portfolio Performance   
Baix also works extensively with our customers on the development of the following tools used to capture and report on value-based IT:    
Balanced Scorecards and IT Dashboards     
A Balanced Scorecard is a performance management tool that strategically incorporates both financial and non financial data.  As its name implies the Balanced Scorecard was originally intended to provide a more balanced executive-level view beyond the traditional financial-only approach.  It has evolved from a passive reporting tool intended only for the highest-level executives in a company to a tool used at all levels in a corporation and customized the needs of each individual department, division or corporation.  It generally has not lost its focus on operations, people, financials, and customers but may contain more granular goal statements based on the unique needs of each individual group. 
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Key Performance Indicators     
Key performance indicators are used by an organization to measure and evaluate its success.  Indicators can be used in all areas and levels of a company and can be as simple or complex as required to tell the story.  A good understanding of the business and company is required to ensure that the proper indicators are being used.      
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Benchmarking Services    
Benchmarking is critical to understanding your position within the market and achieving a competitive advantage. It is an opportunity for a company to compare its processes and performance ratios or metrics to competitors within its industry or from other industries or even with another division within its own company.  A target value is created by using a selection of comparables. In most cases the target value is that of the best quality, price or time.    
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