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Resource Management Strategies
"When you have finished changing, your finished."  Benjamin Franklin

Resource management and planning practices are generally one of the more difficult challenges of the technology manager.  How many people do you really need to build your center of excellence, what kinds of skill do they need to have and at what level.  Even more difficult, how many will you need next year and the year after?

If finding the right staffing level is difficult, justifying an increase in staff is frequently much more challenging.  You know that your team is putting in too many hours but how do you make a case to increase headcount?  Just as importantly, have the really tough questions been asked such as - does the team really need to be doing all of the work that they are doing?  What are the gaps in skills?
Resource Management and Planning helps organizations to analyze and respond to staffing gaps or to staffing skill challenges.   
Staffing Plans   
  Demand Forecast 
  Supply Forecast
  Gap Analysis
  Strategy Identification
  Supply-side strategy identification

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