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Delivering Technology Services - Service Catalog
The Service Catalog is the primary vehicle by which your end-users will engage the IT department for products and services.  Publishing a Service Catalog is a relatively simple exercise.  Information such as a description of the service, the options available and their features, pricing and SLA's are all important components of the entry into the service catalog. The much larger challenge with creating a Service Catalog is the correct definition of the services themselves.  The entire value chain of your products and services must be clearly understood in order to be able to publish an entry in the Service Catalog. 

Determining the correct mix of fully standardized solutions, or Off-The-Shelf, Configure-To-Order and Customized solutions requires an understanding of what services are used in a common fashion by the entire organization and which must have some level of customization.  Publishing a service entry in the catalog requires an understanding and ability to execute on the SLA's of each one of the services and then the further ability to differentiate the cost of the services if multiple options are available.
Example Service Catalog Entry  
The entry below is merely an example of the elements of an entry into a service catalog.  The format and content of the services in your organization may be different but the example provides some of the more common areas on which to provide information to your users.  In this example the company has elected to show users where there is variability in pricing in order to encourage the end-user to make cost effective choices by understanding how they control costs.  In addition this service choice to provide multiple options in the same service to gain the efficiency of an "Off-the-Shelf" product while still allowing the end user choice in their final solution.    
Building a Service Catalog that Works  
The Baix Service Management practice can provide assistance with the elements required to build an effective Service Catalog including:  
  Evaluate current product and service offerings
  Assess correct product mix for "Off-the-Shelf", "Configure-to-Order" and "Customized Solutions" and provide guidance on long-term offerings
  Establish Pricing Model for product mix                                   
  Review, develop or implement Service Fulfillment processes
  Develop SLA's that are meaningful and measurable 
  Establish Product Lifecycle Management practices for IT products and services

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