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Product and Service Lifecycle Management (PSLM)

Information Technology tends to be a very project-driven discipline.  There is a tendency to stop planning, beyond key operational elements, once a technology or service has been released into the production environment.  The technology or service generally doesn't show back up on the radar again until it has met one of two conditions:  the manufacturer declares it end-of-life or the business has a requirement that can't be fulfilled with the existing configuration.  Planning for a change based on a manufacturer's event (EoL or EoS) or an unfulfilled requirement presents enormous challenges to an IT organization that is trying to delivery a timely, predictable service.   

The more disciplined approach is to plan the lifecycle of every element in the IT service that is being provided.  A lifecycle is therefore not one thing tied only to the service but multiple layers, each with their own lifecycle created by weighing a variety of factors.  While the end-of-life status of a technology impacts its lifecycle, it may not be the only or most important decisioning factor in when to choose to retire, replace or upgrade elements in the environment. The lifecycle for products and services will contain information such as features/functions to be introduced, modified or retired.  That lifecycle will inform the layers below from capability to function and technology element.  Other factors such as strategic alignment, risk, new capabilities, etc are also considered in the lifecycle and roadmap development process.
A complete Lifecycle Plan and Roadmap informs everyone when events will occur in the environment and the anticipated spend associated with those events.    It allows the IT organization to have a multi-generational, multi-year plan for change that aligns to products and services and ultimately to the business strategy.  
Building a Lifecycle Roadmap that Works  
The Baix Service Management practice can provide assistance with the elements required to build an effective Lifecycle Plans and Roadmaps including:  
  Establish Product Lifecycle Management practices for IT products and services
  Creating roadmaps that balance spend year-over-year and align to business strategies
  Tie Service Roadmaps to Service, Capability and Technology lifecycles                           
  Establishing the framework for making lifecycle decisions

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