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Service Level Agreement Management
We use the term SLA, or Service Level Agreement, frequently in the Service Management space.  SLA's set expectations with whatever entity is providing a service.  Those expectations must be bounded in the reality that it is sometimes impossible to optimize everything.   Immediate response time does not come from the least expensive resources and so we must determine which factor is more important to the users of our service. 
At Baix we consider SLA's and the corresponding OLA's that are established between internal departments to be a critical element in the overall life of your technology service.   Done correctly SLA's and OLA's will cascade through each element of your IT service and will help to ensure that you provide the right quality at the right price.  They must be correctly defined and prioritized.  Competing SLA's must be addressed.  SLA's in shared services organizations must determine if there is a way to provide differentiated services based on the different needs of end-users and produce transparent differentiated costs.  For example, if a department has a need for an response time SLA of 15 minutes while other organizations are fine with a four-hour response time how is the differentiated service handled? How does the SLA impact each of the processes from the service strategy through service operations?  Is there a process in place to be able to handle each of the service SLA's unique attributes?
Baix Corporation provides the following high-level services for SLA Management.
  SLA Discovery and Definition
  OLA Discovery and Definition
  Process Analysis for SLA adherence
  Strategic Plan for deployment of SLA/OLA framework

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