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UC&C Architecture, Strategy and Planning 
"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."  Yogi Berra 

The development of a UC&C Strategic Plan and Architecture is one of the more complicated and critical in all of IT.  Done correctly, it is the service used most frequently by every person in your organization and by every one of your customers that drives productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction. Done incorrectly, and it is merely an really expensive phone upgrade.  The team at Baix has led some of the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration deployments in the world and has over a decade of deep experience with all facets of what truly makes UC&C successful.
UC&C Strategy and Planning  
There are few places where Strategy and Planning is more critical than in the Unified Communications and Collaboration space.  If your company is like most you have a variety of different applications that all connect into the Unified Communications and Collaboration space.  You also have multiple departments performing very different business functions that all fundamentally can use the same underlying tool set.  Finally Unified Communications and Collaboration is the one area where you touch every single person inside of the company and at some point, every customer outside of the company.  

The challenge is getting from where you are today to where you would like to be in the future.  The path to a true UC&C solution, beyond the phones and the video connections, is different for every company.  It may come in the form of a "revolution" that changes everything in order to get from Point A to Point B quickly.  It is much more likely to be an evolutionary path - one that moves all of your existing technologies forward in the direction of your final goal without the cost and pain of a revolution.  

Baix can help your team put together a "directionally-correct" plan that gives your organization the compass needed to begin to evolve to the panacea that is Unified Communications and Collaborations.  We also provide the tools in our Value-Based IT methodology to truly work with your users to determine how UC&C can transform how they perform their work.
UC&C Architecture
Developing an architecture for a Unified Communication and Collaboration solution can be complicated.  UC&C is one of a small group of technologies that actually lives in both the infrastructure and the application world. It contains all of the elements of a traditional infrastructure management and simultaneously must be architected and managed like an application.  It also has the ability to be reflected differently across a company's user base.  How the contact center team uses UC&C will be very different than how the Sales team may choose to use it. The level of complexity of UC&C means that developing the right architecture is one of the most critical first steps of any UC&C plan

UC&C Architectures define the functions and components of the complete unified communications system, from how you and your applications communicate inside of your company to the mechanisms used to communicate to your customers, business partners and associates.   The UC&C Architectures developed by the Baix team are multi-level in order to provide the most complete picture of the intended functions, usability and configuration of the environment.  From conceptual model translating business requirements to services and functions, to physical design and layout, the UC&C Architecture sets the standard and provides the foundation for all other infrastructure work that comes behind it.
Baix works in partnership with your team as well as your business partners to develop your UC&C Strategic Plan and Architecture and follows the high-level process steps listed below:
  Current State Assessment 
  Definition and Consensus on Target State
  Gap Analysis from Current State
  Develop Options to remediate gaps
  Align Options to Business, Weight and Prioritize
  Produce UC&C Multi-year Roadmap, Portfolio and Budget

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