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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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BVM - IT Governance, Risk and  Compliance Solutions
The role of governance is to provide a framework for relationships, polices, processes and decisions. Corporate governance begins with the CEO, board of directors and management and includes all levels of employees’, customers, vendors and external stakeholders.  Organization charts help to define ownership and responsibility, roles within the organization define authorizations and approvals and policies and procedures are documented as agreed on by those responsible.  
It governance is about bridging the gap between IT and the business. It supports aligning IT and business processes, strategies and objectives. The goal of IT governance is to define rules of engagement, mitigate risk and ensure that the investment in IT provides value to the business.  The role of governance in a project is to provide a decision framework. While project governance uses components of corporate and IT governance the temporary nature of project requires a specific governance structure be set up for each project.  The goal of project governance is to identify project ownership, determine project accountability and decision making, and define stakeholder needs. Project governance frameworks include steering committees made up from various stakeholder groups, standard project artifacts and documentation, reporting and dashboard requirements and detailed RAID (risk, action, issue, decision) logs.
Governance Methodology
At Baix, we partner with the business, finance and IT teams to develop roles and responsibilities, rules of engagement and a governance structure that best reflects the needs of the company. Together we will establish what artifacts are necessary, determine ownership and assign tasks to complete. These documents may exist within your organization or may be leveraged from the Baix Project Management Templates.

We will work with the project sponsor to ensure we stay on time and on budget and are aligned with project and organization objectives. We will develop and maintain relationships (both internal and external), define priorities, communicate issues and risks, provide leadership and drive timely decisions.
The Baix IT Governance Framework Focuses On:
  Disciplined methods and controls
  Project management methodologies, frameworks and disciplines
  Project portfolio and risk assessments and reporting
  Roles, responsibilities and performance criteria
  Rules of engagement
  Stakeholder relationship, value and management

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