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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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BVM - Value-based Strategic Planning
How do you take your business to the next level or ensure future profitability?  Through Strategic Planning.  A strategic plan documents and maps a company's business at a granular level allowing decision makers a solid understanding of their business and how it is growing.
If you are the CEO of a company, strategic planning means defining the goals and objectives to align with the vision and direction you are planning on taking the company. These goals need to be achievable, but at a stretch. They need to be inspiring and long term, usually 5 years.
If you are the CFO of a company, strategic planning means defining budgets that align with the strategic direction of the company. It means developing resource and financial plans that will facilitate achieving those goals. It means providing transparent and understandable financials.  It means ensuring that services are both cost effective and efficient and that performance objectives are accurately measured and reported.
If you are the CIO of a company, strategic planning means aligning the technical needs of the company with the organizational goals. It means seamlessly supporting the business, through technology solutions that will meet objectives. It means building the infrastructure to enable the company to deliver relevant services and maintain currency. It means delivering the right service at the right price. It means positioning technology to allow the company to meet future demands.
If you are like most organizations you have technology initiatives competing for scare resources, be they financial, people, or even the ability of the organization to accept a project or excessive change.  Every organization has to make the tough choices about where to spend on technology and other support services.  
Baix Strategic Planning Methodology
The Baix Framework uses a data-driven, structured process to inform the IT Investment decision process and to build a strategic roadmap, or a plan, of future IT investments.   We engage the Business, Finance and IT executives and teams in an analysis of multiple factors, all of which will be discussed and agreed to on a company-by-company basis.  We use past trends, recent economic conditions, existing industry assumptions and the current business environment to allow us to accurately project your business.

A well-formulated business strategic plan will determine the ultimate product and service offerings for a business, identify the true cost of each of those offerings and potentially identify products or product categories that may not be profitable to the company.  Defining resource, service offerings and funding requirements results in the ability for decision makers to make informed decisions that optimize profitability.  
The Baix Strategic Planning Process uses industry standard best practices, tailored to the unique requirements of your company, to provide you with a customized solution.  Collaboratively working with all stakeholders, allowing each to weigh in on the process, we work to establish consensus to ensure that the process successfully meets the needs of all of the stakeholders in your organization.  At Baix, we will partner with you to develop a strategic plan that maximizes your profitability goals and objectives.
The Baix Strategic Planning Process focuses on:
  Integrating Business, Finance and Information Technology plans
  Spending aligned to strategic direction, objectives and goals
  Complete transparency into IT Portfolio
  Value-driven Investment in technology 
  Effective communication and execution strategies
  Analysis of your company’s risks and complexity
  Company-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) including Finance, Business and IT
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