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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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BVM - Value Discovery Protocol 
‘I came to the conclusion long ago that limits to innovation have less to do with technology or creativity than organizational agility. Inspired individuals can only do so much.’ - Ray Strata

It all starts with a great idea.  Rather than waiting for the idea to occur to an inspired individual, the BAIX Value Discovery Protocol helps the Business and Information Technology teams to conceive or discover the products and services that will provide the most value to the business.. 
This essentially allows the organization, including business and technology in partnership, to produce the great idea rather than just a single individual. The Value Discovery Protocol was developed over the last decade as the team at BAIX searched for ways to better align to the business and to find ways to be truly harness the transformation nature of technologies like Unified Communications and Collaboration. We discovered that we were asking the wrong questions and so the answers that we received from the business couldn't possibly help us to be truly innovative.  The technology was innovative but it's application in the business was mundane. The result - we rarely got the right or even full value out of the investment that was made.

When executed correctly, the Value Discovery Protocol sets the stage for a true Business-IT partnership, the delivery of complete value in a technology investment and the ability to drive innovation in the business in partnership with technology.  It also allows the business and technology teams to truly define the factors that are critical-to-success and frequently ends up changing notions about what the appropriate SLA should be for any given service.  This ensure that the business is truly getting the right service at the right cost.  It also allows the business to weigh in on time-to-market and to work directly on the prioritization of competing services, features and functions to establish the sequence of work efforts.  

The Value Discovery Protocol has the ability to transform the relationship between the Business and IT - and we have seen it successfully do so.  In the end the Business and IT teams, in partnership, seek approval for the IT investment in the business with complete transparency into cost, service deliverables, SLA's and timelines.  
Business Value Management Maturity Model - Value Discovery   
There are different results obtained at each level over the Business Value Management Maturity Model:  
Level 1:  Clearly articulate service SLA's  
Level 2:  Produce technology service metrics in terms of business value/performance outcomes  
Level 3:  Enhance/Improve existing business processes through IT/Business partnerships
Level 4:  Discover innovative uses for technology that drive desired business outcomes
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