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Baix Corporation's mission is to provide technology solutions that maximize business value and to provide our customers with the insight and tools that enhance their ability to make great IT decisions.  
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Our customers come from all industries, each with their own unique set of challenges.  What remains the same between each of them are the concerns and interactions between the primary roles inside of their organization. 

The Information Technology team is a support function in all non-technical corporations however it's role is so integral in every facet of the business of most companies that it is rare that a business unit does not have an integration point with the IT team.  Our collective challenge as a technology industry is that the business the consumes the service that we provide still isn't entirely happy with what the technology teams are bringing them.

Their most common comments about IT are seen below:

The Baix Business Value Management framework and the corresponding practices and services associated with it have been designed to help solve these most common complaints.  We specifically look at the needs and pain points across each area of the organization including:  
Executive Office (CEO)  
Finance Office (CFO)  
Information Technology Office (CIO)  
Business Unit (LoB Manager)  
Technology Office (Technology Manager)  
Business (End User)  
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